Privacy terms and conditions for this website

This is a website that lists the addresses of roadside temples and shrines. Accordingly, each address provides very basic functions such as:
- Record upcoming event announcements (in future)
- Operation history (in the past)
- Reception schedule (current)
Like roadside temples and shrines, which often have no doors, people can go there at any time and leave their thoughts there. This website also simulates the same. Submissions are archived but not published by default. For verified members, there is an additional option: make any posts public.
Therefore, the content displayed on this website is only temporary for the visitor's visit, or is published by the responsible person. Others (who do not post on the website system) disclaim all responsibility for the content on this page.
The terms may be changed or supplemented in the future as appropriate, so it is impossible to notify the new update time in advance.

Applicable from October 6, 2023.
Added at 1:36PM 10/10/2023

Rules - Other regulations

1. Create a new address: If the name ⛩ has been previously created, the creation of the new address will be deleted by the community and any data related to the new ⛩ will also be deleted. If there is ⛩ but the name is wrong, the user has the right to go to the report to edit the new name.
2. Regular accounts are only allowed to create a maximum of 1 ⛩ in 24 hours
3. Banner image: Banner is an image that is always displayed on ⛩. It's best to take photos yourself. After taking the photo, crop it to reduce its height and then upload it to replace the banner. People are free to upload their own banner (i.e. they need to log in to upload their own banner) or choose an image from the list of uploaded banner images ⛩ for their own use (see who voted for that banner).
4. After prayer: Each prayer is at least 30 seconds apart, a maximum of 5 prayers are recorded (but not stored). 5. Upload photos: Visitors can only upload a maximum of 1 photo to the system per visit. If you are logged in, you can upload multiple images at once, with a maximum total upload of no more than 10 images.